Projekt Super TEENS


Projekt Super TEENS rozpoczął się prawie miesiąc temu! Z tej okazji postanowiliśmy udostępnić krótki artykuł o naszych wrażeniach związanych z nim. Tekst jest napisany w języku angielskim, jednakże zachęcamy do przeczytania go, gdyż można się dowiedzieć kilku interesujących faktów, jak na przykład, dlaczego uczniowie w Brazylii muszą chodzić do szkoły w soboty? Zapraszamy do lektury!

For some of us project Super TEENS was the first opportunity to get in touch with teenagers from abroad, but I personally think, that we did a great job. Thanks to help of our teacher – Mrs. Marzena Małek, who organized the whole project with a Brazilian teacher, kept an eye on everything that we were writing and helped us when we had any problems.

Firstly we were assigned teenagers from Brazil to exchange emails with and then we were ready to start our ‘adventure’. When we first entered Padlet and saw messages from our Brazilian friends we were really happy, that we didn’t have to break the ice and initiate the discussion. It turned out that they liked us as much as we liked them. Our conversation ran very smoothly and we were (and still are) very excited about it. We were raising lots of subjects such as our hobbies, favorite food, music, school subjects and cities – Sanok and Salvador. So it is easy to tell that we get to know each other really well.

The project hasn’t ended yet, but we have already learnt a lot about culture, geography and educational system in Brazil. Now we can show off our knowledge of interesting facts about life in there. Did you know that students in Brazil have their tests and exams on Saturdays? When we found out about it, we were extremely grateful, that we only have to go to school from Monday to Friday. Another interesting thing is that Salvador has the biggest Carnival in the world! Our friends told us about their favorite typical food too. We would really like to try acaraje or Moqueca de Camarao one day! That is all for now, I hope that you liked this article and you are as excited about the project as we are!

Written by Daria Wojtowicz